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Beautiful Garden Gazing Ball? PipeDream.

Beautiful Garden Gazing Ball? PipeDream.

PipeDream Icicles #12

There is a joke here somewhere?  Something about Crotch….

PipeDream - Ceramic

We were about to do our toy photo shoot when company showed up.  Toys got shoved into the Sock Drawer.

PipeDream Ceramic

Candles? PipeDream.

Dark Places?  Treasure?  PipeDream.

Some Black and White.

Some Black and White – Pipedream icicles

Knick Knack and Pipedream Icicle

The pipe dream Icicle on the left.  A Knick Knack Grandma gave our 13 year old on the right.

A day at the Beach!

Hitachi Superhero!

Road Trip with Hula!

Funky Ring Art!

A True Gardener!

Welcome to BuzzBuzzBaby!

Let’s Play :)